Goblin Ink Challenge
My weak attempt to make a Daily Sketch Blog.

Day 22 and 23.

The top one is a redesign of an old character of mine named Larva. She was original an experimental hodgepodge I put together to try to come up with an odd character but I made her more into a water spirit instead. I love her so much, one of the few OCs that I have that hasn’t disappeared from my memory.

The bottom I drew myself in on of my favorite outfits that I put together from a galaxy dress a my friend bought me. One of the few days I felt really cute<3

Hopefully I’ll be able to flesh out more original characters in the future and try to post more colored stuff on a regular basis. Thanks to everyone that’s recently watched me and still here!

You guys rock!

Day 21.

A Girl and her Mutant.

I’ve kept telling myself I’d post something colored this week and I finally did…five hours late but still!

Another picture of Shade and Jerri, though I changed Jerri into a cute curvy girl instead of a skinner punk girl, given it would be adorable if they had different body types. Plus it would be even cuter if she was the one to teach Shade the joy of color and femininity, instead of Shade somehow learning it on her own.

I’ll have to look up cuter dresses for them wear together! Still can’t decided whether Shade is an alien-human-breed or not though…

Day 20.

Coat of Stars.

Though I’d draw something to cheer me up. Been feeling really frumpy and down in the dumps lately, especially about my appearance since my hair is getting flatter and growing uneven. Plus dealing with a strong bout of depression, this month hasn’t been to kind to me outside of stuff online, so I’m trying to stay positive everyday!

Stars always cheer me up and encourage me to keep trying, since they burn brightest in the darkest corners of the night, so I’ve been drawing a lot of them lately. I’m really wanting to learn how to make paper stars so I can make a jar full of them whenever I’m down and look back on them when I’m feeling better~

I know that I can do this, just gotta keep going and keep shining!

Day 18 and 19.

Still going strong for drawing everyday!

The top drawing is a sketch of a creature I came up with about a month ago while doodling at work, I call it a “Snuffle Demon”. It likes to sniff/lick your ears, eats earwax and it’s smoke seeps hellspeak into your mind.

The bottom is a sun tattoo I am designing for my sister and me (hence the watermark. Please do not copy, this a very personal tattoo to us and we want it to be special). I’ll be designing a moon tattoo for myself, which we’ve agreed we’re getting over our hearts, since we always say we’re different as night and day. I’m not done with it yet but this is a general idea of what I have so far.

I’ve got a lot of art projects to work on but I’m going to try to keep going and get them all done, despite all the stress from work/finances.

I can do this! *fistpump*

Day 17.

Darcy for zombietech!

My tablet wouldn’t work right tonight due to some pressure sensitivity issues but I was able to crank out this from a sketch I did at work today. Hope you feel better, Miss Neph!<33

Day 15 and 16.

A detailed piece of a holy Madonna character I’ve come to call “Hagia Domina” and a sketch of my friend’s SWTOR Imperial Officer, Eridea.

I’m going to bed now!

Day 14.

Orther and Uther; the two headed dog, Orthrus.

While I was at trying to come up with concepts of me and my siblings in a universe where superheroes/mutants were existed at work today, I came up with this idea of an albino two headed German Shepard. “He’s a companion to the main character whom she rescued as a pup from an estranged puppy mill farmer.

Both minds think alike and are more like two dogs in one (twin brothers that didn’t separate right) and each has a unique power making it a fierce protector. One head spouts out blue flames out it’s mouth that could give life or death to it’s target (depending on how much it trusted you/liked you) and the other could shoot fiery beams from it’s eyes that could either burn like hellfire or freeze your entire body.

I might use “him” later for another story. “He’s” so cute!

Day 13.

I was going to lineart over this and color it, but I gotta work early tomorrow, so here’s what I got so far!

Candy Goblins Unite!

Day 12.

I drew this while I was skyping with my sister and she reminded me of a book she encouraged me to read called the Mists of Avalon. Its a really really good book, told through the days of Morgan La Faye and King Arther and his Knights and mixed with history and fantasy.

I didn’t think I was going to like it when she told me about it, but damn if it wasn’t good, you should pick it up!

Day 11.

Will I ever have a consistent art style?….. I don’t think so!